Paloma 27 external litre Gas system $3000 installed

Retrofitted Paloma 27 external litre Gas system fully installed for only $3000 incl


The internal gas hot water heater allows water to be heated in a more central location within your home which may reduce the pipe lengths and time taken for hot water to be supplied at the tap. A flue safely exhausts any combustion gases outdoors.

This model is typically installed in suitable spaces such as lofts, laundries and storage cupboards. The flue can be installed horizontally or vertically providing versatile siting of the heater.

Hot water circulating system compatible
Over Heat Limit Switch
Water Pressure Relief Valves
Flamesafe Over-Heat Protection system
Flame Failure Device
Digital Diagnostic Display
Q Function
Error Code Recall
LPG or NG models available

Recommended height from ground to flue outlet 600mm above roof

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